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After working with coaches, creatives and performers I’ve seen that many have the same common blocks that that led them to not attract enough clients to their brand


In this guide, you’ll discover


  • What you need to have in place in order to start attracting high-paying clients

  • The #1 mistake coaches and creatives make when building their brand, so you can start avoiding right now 

  • What makes a brand succesful and how you can create yours to connect to the hearts of your dream clients


 "We picked Mariana as a winner over 600 global participants who then flew to LA to help us with our branding. Mariana understands the core of a branding concept and brings it to life. Her positive attitude only adds to the fun you can have to bring a brand to fruition." ​


Dave Stewart, Grammy and Golden Globe Winning Artist/Producer, Los Angeles USA 


What They Say



Gettting my Brand Aligned & Connected To My Audience


Mari is an incredible, intuitive, bright, very knowledgeable coach on Brand Strategy and connecting your Story with what you're conveying.  


She's an awesome person and taking from me, I've been around a lot of Coaches and Branders and she is the real deal. 


She has the patience, she has the wisdom, she is very global, very worldly, she knows a lot about Brand Strategy and Storytelling.


I came to her and I was struggling. I was in a bit of isolation. I was in a place where I needed to have more information on how to connect my brand to my audience. 


She was able to hold my energy when I was kind of in a very dark struggling place to really get my brand aligned, so I can communicate with the story that I was proud of and that there were nuggets and gems in my story that I didn't recognize. 


I have to say: it was a really awesome deep dive and Mari was able to just be there for me when I needed to go inside into a deeper darker spot.


Jane More

Life Coch, New Jersey USA

Transforming My Mindset And Closing Sells With Ease


I met Mariana during an intensive session in a moment I was in doubt about making a big shift in my business. Even if I was aware about the next step I needed to take, I was literally feeling scared.


I got attracted to Mariana because she has a sweet way to listen to you, your thoughts and your emotions. With her, I felt deeply understood, free to open myself and show any weaknesses that were holding me back.


Working together she helped me discover a new way to coach myself on the mindset, a way that it shifted my mind and I could finally accept the changes that my soul were craving and I also immediately felt relaxed and in peace.


She helped me feel very grounded in my feminine confidence and then I was able to change my vision and jumped into a new direction with an open heart.


The mindset shift changed me in a way that I'll never forget and short after the intensive with Mariana I signed a client and closed a sells call with confidence and ease.​


Pasqualina Santoro

Transformational Coach, Milan Italy

Discovering & Unlocking The Essence Of Who I Trully Am 


Before  working with Mariana, I was in a place where I literally did not believe that my gifts and talents could actually be achievable to do bigger and greater things.


So Mariana was able to make things really simple for me and I've felt like I've just complicated everything. She also really got into the mindset of how I think and why I thought in those particular ways and actually took it back to the root of the problem and I really had no idea that that's what was connected to.


So Mariana has this gift of really unlocking the true essence of who we are and she also was able to make me feel confortable with the fact that the next steps were going to be amazing.


We set an intention for what the next 3 months will gonna to look like and where I was going as a transformational coach and a performing artist.


So I'm in a place now where 've taken some action and had some good results as I had some interesting divine appointments happen straight after speaking with Mariana.


Daniela Ion

 Success Coach, Adelaide Australia




About Mariana Aspru


Mariana Aspru is a 3 x Award Winning Brand Expert, Creative Entrepreneur and Motivational Speaker with a rare experience of 8 years in personal branding and a lifetime of mindset work. 


After transforming from a husteling shy entrepreneur spinning her wheels trading hours for dollars to quickly become a go-to brand expert and a coach, she dedicated her life to helping other creatives transform and succeed. Her life journey took her from Romania to Germany to Hollywood to pursue her dreams and went from 300$ per client to up to 10,000$ in her first entrepreneurial years while building a business she loves. She believes that anyone can do it with the right mindset and brand positioning once they are true to their unique gifts. 


By using her own unique experience and the learnings she got from her own mentors, she helps creative entrpereneurs step into the role of a coach or consultant, so they can inspire and earn more with greater ease, doing what they love. Some of her clients include Graphic Designers, Photographers, Musicians, Spiritual teachers turned Coaches to Forbes Leaders and Grammy Award Winning Stars.


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